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You have already decided that you will spend your holiday on Lake Baikal, but still do not know where exactly to go and where to stay? Choose this tour to Lake Baikal in the summer of 2023!

Holidays on the island of Olkhon, the most interesting excursions. This amazing island is one of the best places on Baikal. Having been here, you can safely say that you have seen a real Baikal! Endless sandy beaches, beautiful bays, picturesque cliffs, endless steppes - everything is on Olkhon.


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1 day: Cape Burkhan

This cape is considered a symbol not only of the island, but of the whole Baikal.
In another way, this place is called the Shaman Rock. This name is due to the fact that since ancient times, shamans conducted their rites here. In the rock there is a difficult-to-see-through cave in which the shaman disappeared, and then appeared from the opposite side in front of the amazed crowd. For a long time it was impossible for ordinary people to come here, and especially for women.
This place has a special energy and is considered one of the places of power on Lake Baikal.

Lunch and Dinner

2 day: Cape Khoboy

Cape Khoboy is the northernmost point of Olkhon. Outwardly, this rock resembles a canine, and from the water side you can see a female profile in it. An ancient legend says that the gods punished the proud and envious Buryatka and turned it into stone as a punishment. The place next to the rock is remarkable for its echo, which is repeatedly reflected from the monolithic wall.

From Khoboy, a sacred place revered by shamanists, panoramic views of the Baikal Range with Cape Ryty, the Holy Nose Peninsula, and the Barguzinsky Bay are opened. In good weather, the Ushkany Islands are visible. On the site from Cape Khoboy to the village of Uzury there are several amazingly beautiful places where you feel unity with nature, its primeval essence. The Uzury area is a cozy bay on the east side of Olkhon, here you can go down to Baikal. Also here you can ride horses and relax.

Breakfast, Lunch (picnic), Dinner

3 day: South of Olkhon

Idiba is one of the few places on the eastern side of Olkhon Island where you can drive. A very beautiful area, many flowers, a creek with fresh spring water, surrounded by willow bushes and currants, runs along the ravines. The openings on both sides are surrounded by high mountains and end on a small bay. After lunch in the bay, on the way to the lake in front of you you can see the most beautiful panoramic views of the Small Sea and the Primorsky Range, the western shore of Olkhon with all the little toes, coves and the blue distances of the Mysterious Ishim. Good warm-up, shallow depth of the lake is very convenient for swimming. Light whiffs of the wind from the sea, the diverse landscape of these places, the birds floating on the lake - all this set you at peace. Full day excursion, with a dip in the Khankha lake and a picnic in the fresh air.

Breakfast, Lunch (picnic), Dinner

4 day: Free day

Free day, which you can spend on your own - there is an activity for everyone! Riding bikes and quad bikes, horse riding, visit a Buryat village or walk along the coast of Baikal - the choise is yours!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

5 day: Transfer to Irkutsk

Breakfast. Transfer to Irkutsk (standard check out time is 12.30), travel time is about 6 hours. Stop at a roadside cafe (extra charge). End of the program in Irkutsk after 19:00


Tour cost

DatesBudget tourEconomy tourStandard tour
21-26 May, 28 May -2 June , 4-9 June , 11-16 June , 20-25 August , 27 August -1 September , 3-8 September , 10-15 September 32 90035 70042 700
18-23 June, 25-30 June, 2-7 July, 9-14 July, 16-21 July, 23-28 July, 30 July-4 August, 6-11 August, 13-18 August34 70037 90047 700
Single person supplement6 0008 00012 000
21-26 May, 28 May -2 June , 4-9 June , 11-16 June , 20-25 August , 27 August -1 September , 3-8 September , 10-15 September
32 900
35 700
42 700
18-23 June, 25-30 June, 2-7 July, 9-14 July, 16-21 July, 23-28 July, 30 July-4 August, 6-11 August, 13-18 August
34 700
37 900
47 700
Single person supplement
6 000
8 000
12 000

Budget tour

  • Single occupancy fee - 6000 rubles.
  • Accomodation: Olkhon - "Sunny" Guest House, twin/triple economy room (shower and toilet on the premises).

Economy tour

  • Single occupancy fee - 8000 RUB.
  • Accomodation: Olkhon - mini-hotel "Baikal", twin/triple economy room (shower and toilet on the floor for 4 rooms)

Standard tour

  • Single occupancy fee - 12000 rubles.
  • Accomodation: Olkhon - mini-hotel "Baikal", twin/triple standard room (shower and toilet in the room)

Prepayment only 20%!

Price includes

  • Meeting at 09:00 am (local time) at the airport or railway station of Irkutsk
  • Transfer Irkutsk - about. Olkhon - Irkutsk
  • Accommodation on Olkhon, recreation center "Solnechnaya" or mini-hotel "Baikal" (4 nights)
  • Meals on the program: 1 day - lunch and dinner; 2, 3 day - breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner; 4 day - breakfast, lunch and dinner; 5 day - breakfast
  • Excursions according to the program
  • sightseeing tour to Cape Burkhan
  • car trip to Cape Khoboy
  • car tour to the south of Olkhon Island.

Not included

  • Additional transfers not specified in the program
  • Additional services not listed in the program or listed for an additional fee

Charm of Olkhon

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